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We're South India's leading provider of aquariums, accessories and allied products as well as after-installation services. Our services include right from setting up an aquarium, be it fresh water or marine water, custom-designing of aquariums to suit your ambience, supply of a wide variety of aquarium fish, which include exotic imported fish.,

Aquarium equipments and accessories, providing ideal fish food as well as fish medications, setting up of fish spa, aquascaping, garden pond designing, rent-an-aquarium service, fish and aquarium insurance, prompt aquarium maintenance... Whatever be your need, we have a perfect solution for it.


Add more charm to the function by renting out a unique aquarium, crafted just for that purpose. We have a range of aquariums, and experts who come to your place, set up the aquarium and bring it back, after your need.

Designer aquarium

Let your aquarium accent the mood of the ambience of your space. Be it your home, office, showroom, clinic, salon…


We will help you to plan and get insurance for your aquarium. There are two kinds of insurance for the aquarium.

Aquarium Maintenance

Aquarium maintenance is as critical as installing an aquarium. As always, there’s nothing like sourcing an expert’s service, as aquarium maintenance involves a lot of complex processes

Aquarium Medications

Maintaining their health and growth is very critical.

Nature aquarium

We’re South India’s most sought-after, when it comes to aquascaping and nature aquariums.

Fish Spa Installation

Fish spas are gaining popularity across the world. Fish spa bodicure, pedicure and manicure are the in-thing today.


We have an excellent track-record in setting up aesthetic aquascaping for a host of clients, hailing from as various sectors as residential, corporate, hospitality, healthcare and the like.

Garden ponds

Create a haven around your garden, with a garden pond. Aesthetically done ponds, peopled with aquatic plants